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Contemporary Minimalist Modern

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What're your first impressions when you know about minimalist? Minimalism in interior design means spacious rooms with a minimum of furniture and details. Well, of course, the main element of this style is attention to shape colour and texture. In modern minimalism, design accent is made of a sharp geometric shape and asymmetry. A number of accessories should be minimal. The floor should be made of materials that are most importantly, it's necessary to foresee enough of space to keep all your stuff. For example, simply designed wardrobe would be just great.

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Design 4 Space Pte Ltd (previously known as Ritz Decor established in June 2002) and had since evolved from a humble set-up into a fully integrated interior design firm with a group of talented & dedicated designers, specialises in retail, residential & commercial projects. With out knowledge, professionalism, efficiency and talent, clients can trust that they are in good hands. Our past experiences in more than 1000 projects and our excellent workmanship, we are able to product innovation solutions, creativity & uniqueness in creating your dream home. We are formally accredited by the following authorities and organisations: - HDB Registered Contractor - Casetrust-Rcma (jointly accredited) - Singapore's Outstanding Enterprise 2012 - Singapore Building & Construct Award 2013 - Singapore SME Prestige Award 2014 - The Singapore Renovation Contractors and Material Suppliers Association (RCMA) - An exclusive partner with Nippon Paint and their choice of designers - A Level 3 BizSAFE certificate for Safety and Risk Management standard

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