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That’s the sound of my credit card being swiped. $15000 to start off a life changing experience. Contracts signed, handshakes done and I left my chosen interior design firm feeling anticipation and excitement for the months ahead.


As the weeks goes by, many trips were made to meet the interior design team, either at their showroom or at my new home; which mostly looks like a warzone. Can’t wait for the works to be done.


Our work life, just like many other work lives, are usually a combination of pressure and datelines. We have always longed for an un-stressful and fuss free life. The philosophical “Less Is More” is what we are looking for in our new home. Our imagination brings us to a balanced combination of neutrals; Black, Greys and Whites.


Having a dog at home always helps to bring smiles and laughter but it can also cause some irreparable damage. That constant digging on the floor, chewing on anything possible; all these now stopped by the great Homogeneous Floor Tiles. “Dig at me as much as you want!” Homogeneous Floor Tiles says. “You will never get past me.”


Weekend gatherings and parties are a norm in our lifestyle. We have families and friends who really enjoy the food preparation process on the island, enjoying the breeze in the expansive balcony and just roaming freely in the spacious living hall.  


My imagination has now come to fruition. I am literally living in my own imagination now. Thanks to De Style Interior.

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about this designer: De Style Interior Pte Ltd

De Style Interior has steadfastly proven their creative spirit and professionalism with design and construct projects that flawlessly integrate functionality with an aesthetic sense. Since its establishment, De Style Interior has earned the attention and the respect of a diverse range of customers. De Style Interior focuses on creating a strong rapport with clients, working closely with them by listening to their ideas and developing concepts based on each unique need. It is with this stark insight that De Style successfully completes residential, design and construct projects ranging from HDB, Condo, Semi-D Units and Bungalows. De Style also showcases an impressive commercial portfolio that ranges from spa boutiques, retail stores, offices project. Furthermore, with a proficient and experienced team of interior design connoisseurs, clients are assured of the highest quality output.