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The home is built with various luxurious design elements such as a 1m x 1m wide homogenous tiles to create a more spacious feel and of course a bespoke, made-to-measure TV console with a Eubiq system for additional flexibility in shifting your power points closer to where you need them. A customised solid surface basin is used to compliment the long vanity cabinet for additional storage space in the bathroom. The entire house ranging from the security system to the lighting and air-conditioning is designed with a Smart Home system controllable within the palm of your hands. A Steigen smart laundry rack is installed in the service yard, which allows them to air their clothes indoors using infrared technology to eliminate bacteria! Looking for ideas for your dream home? Call us right away @ 6396 8558 or drop us a message for a friendly and complimentary discussion!

About Darwin Interior

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With more than 22 years of partnering our clients in creating fresh, innovative and quality designs, Darwin Interior has earned the trust of many in Singapore’s Interior Design industry. Our team of more than 30 professional project consultants places the interests of our clients at the center of every project. Darwin Interior specialises in residential, commercial, project management, space planning, carpentry fabrication and concept design.


At Darwin Interior, we have a mission to continuously help clients achieve their dream design interiors. We envision to be a leader in breaking new grounds in the Interior Design industry, bringing premium quality and unsurpassed creativity to our works.


Darwin Interior has 22 years of credibility to boast in the industry. With our own in-house carpentry factory and a dedicated team of 30 professional project consultants, we have an active partnership with clients in conceptualising design interiors, giving them a dream space with a personality that reflects their own.


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