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Rustic Vintage

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... Electrical

... Flooring

... Ceiling

... Plumbing

Project Description

The birth of Central Perk Singapore originates from one of Jit Min’s (Founder and an avid fan of Friends) travel experiences, where he chanced upon a cafe that provides a locale for friends’ get-together. Inspired, he then went on to conceptualise his ideal space where like-minded fans can come together to enjoy the most watched television series of the 2000s decade along with quality food selections. Afterwhich, a spontaneous crowdfunding exercise on Indiegogo has seen overwhelming response from passionate supporters of the sitcom, where a 5 – 6 months execution of the initial ideation followed, with an eventual team of Jit Min and 5 other partners heading the restaurant. The team of six later managed to attain the only creative asset licence out of United States from Warner Bros., which subsequently provided them with a style guide.

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