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  • HDB 4 Room
  • $34,000

Industrial Rustic

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Included in this package

... Paint Job

... Carpentry

... Feature Wall

... Electrical Wiring

... Flooring

... False Ceiling

... Tiling

... Hacking Walls

Project Description

Embark on a journey of transformation as we breathe new life into your living room and bedroom turning it into a captivating open-space rustic retreat. Picture warm, earthy tones embracing you as you step into a haven of comfort and charm.

About Goodman Interior

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Goodman Interior Pte Ltd is a boutique interior design firm that provides interior design services to residential and commercial properties. 

We offer boutique interior design well-known and are committed to delivering seamless, top-notch design and best build services.

With our dedication to provide a comprehensive range of services that include project consulting, material sourcing cum option finishes, space planning, home styling, construction to complete our renovation work, our designers are committed to offer interior design services for your planning and design up to conceptualization of innovative ideas for your new homes and businesses.  How and what we design tastefully reflects our high quality of work and greatly reflects our good branding and image.

Why choose us?

To us, every project is unique. Therefore, time and effort is taken to understand all our customers’ needs and requirements to build a trusted partnership together.

Established with a passion for line detailing, we look into every nook and cranny to transform ordinary spaces into inspiring ones. With us, the sky is the limit.


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