HDB Project

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9 / 10
HDB 5 Room
Project Description
Monochromatic design that will never go out of style. Gives the home a very classy and modern look and unique taste with lighted shelves above the console.
Carpentry Carpentry
Feature Wall Feature Wall
Plumbing Plumbing
Electrical Wiring Electrical Wiring
Flooring Flooring
False Ceiling False Ceiling
about this designer: Beaux Monde Pte Ltd

Beaux Monde specializes in taking your home and creating a work of art that will make the space you have more comfortable to live in. They can also take you company’s space and turn it into an exciting environment that will draw in clients and make your employees feel like they have a cozy home away from home. Beaux Monde is an incredibly professional interior design company that prides itself on its creative and innovative staff that love to be challenged with every job they do. With Beaux Monde you won’t just get a company that will create masterful designs for you space, but will also be included into the process. All of the designers’ work will suit your desires and will be presented to you as each step in the design is created. This will allow you to play a huge role in the designing process so that when the job is done you can call the space your own. With courteous meetings you will have a safe and innovative space that will be unique to your home and lifestyle. PHOLOSOPHY Beaux Monde believes in communicating our design vision to you in a clear, dynamic and creative way so as to maintain the highest level of integrity when carrying out every phase of our design project. Our philosophy is to create uniquely appropriate design concepts that respond to the individuality and necessity of each home owner and Client’s business. Without imposition of a pre-defined style, the singular personality of each project emerges through a process of discovery, listening, encouraging and guiding. We believe the essence of good design incorporates sustainable and inclusive initiatives to ensure uniquely innovative, healthy and safe environments