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  • HDB 3 Room
  • $40,000


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Included in this package

... Paint Job

... Carpentry

... Feature Wall

... Electrical Wiring

... Flooring

... False Ceiling

... Plumbing

Project Description

Nestled in the heart of comfort, these rooms unfold like a story, each chapter more intriguing than the last. From the understated luxury of the marble floors to the playful array of collectibles, the space tells a story of a life rich in both style and substance. It's where every element, meticulously chosen, cultivates a sanctuary that's not just seen, but deeply felt. It's a canvas that celebrates both the quiet moments and the laughter that fills the room when friends and family gather.

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DC Vision Design is one of the most recognized interior design and build design companies in Singapore. Equipped with over a combined 20 years of experience, our team of dedicated and creative interior design specialists have carried out numerous transformations to the satisfaction of our clients. We have the skills and the passion to carry out every project and oversee everything from space planning and concept design to construction documentation and management.


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