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  • HDB 5 Room
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Contemporary Scandinavian

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Contemporary mix slight scandinavian in this 5 room HDB. Open concept with natural lighting.

About Everlink Interior & Furnishing Pte Ltd

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Everlink, as a professional interior design firm, is committed to turning every homeowner's dreams into reality. Our professional interior designers at Everlink can help you realize your dreams in your never-ending pursuit for a luxurious, elegant and romantic home or even a down to earth, heartwarming and simple home.

Everlink possesses over 20 years of experience in interior design and renovation industry, providing a one-stop service for customers. We have an abundant design experience in residential and commercial areas including office design

The experienced professionals at Everlink use the top fashion trends and perfectly sophisticated designs in creating an individualized dream space. Everlink is continuously striving for customer satisfaction and constantly perfecting our designs to provide an excellent service to our customers.

We understand that many customers lack experience in interior design; hence, it is our mission to grasp the customer needs accurately. Our designers at Everlink will tailor the design according to their family members, lifestyles, habits and colour preferences. During the renovation process, finer details will also be discussed with our customers to create the ideal living space belonging to them.

Everlink's designers are good at perfecting the fine details of the design layout, for instance, they are good at capturing the characteristics of each room to optimize the space, making it seem more spacious.

Everlink's team is professional, precise, efficient and effective. All projects will be completed on time with the highest quality.

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