Penthouse - Telok Kurau

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Project Description

Do you like stress- and fuss- free homes? If the answer is yes, you will love this minimalist home design Telok Kurau (Pent House) by Sennett Projects.

Dining Table
A black and white minimalist theme give the house a stylish and chic feel. Adding a black extendable table will keep the house clutter-free most of the time and yet able to serve large quantity of guest when the need arise.

Taking an old object from the past and giving it a new life. See how Sennett Projects give a grille from 1980s, spray it white and incorporate it as a divider. Simple aesthetics can produce big stylish results.

Minimalist theme homes doesn’t necessarily mean keeping everything to the minimal and resulting in lack of storage. Using white laminate with simple design, it is possible to add a big book cabinet, a display cabinet and TV console and yet maintain a clutter-free environment.

Want to have a clean and sleek feel? Using a central air-con in the living room will remove the bulky feeling a normal air-con give. Being able to flush with the ceiling will give a sleek and clean feel.

Master bedroom
Keeping the carpentry simple. The design of the wardrobe is simple with clean lines and no protruding handles or messy outlines.

Master bathroom
Open concept, totals of grey, flush after tank and furnished with modern accessories and design, making the bathroom look sleek and polished. Using silestone for a vanity top adds a classy feel.


Fold-away bed 
Ever thought of having a wall bed that is different from the mass. See our custom made fold-away bed that flushed perfectly with a custom-made storage cabinet. A fold-away bed is just the perfect fit for a minimalist theme.


Room 2
A big wardrobe can also fit into a minimalist theme. Simple carpentry with white & grey laminate giving the big wardrobe a clean, sleek feel.


Ever fancy a big functional kitchen but have a lack of space? These same functional ideas and gadgets will help you achieve your dream kitchen.

- A pull-out table perfect for your chopping and preparing your ingredients.

- A Magic corner accessory, an ingenious invention for your tight and blind corner solution.

- A movable island for the extra table space when needed and a clutter-free kitchen look when it is kept away.



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From the time of conception Sennett Projects Pte Ltd has always value bring the best quality and design to our clients. Meeting our clients every needs, drawing from years of experiences from the private construction sector, more then 20 years in the renovation industries and 10 year in contemporary design. For years our team had trained numerous Sales Designer for other I.D. firms, now bring to Sennett Projects Pte Ltd the training module that had help others to build a strong team, Sennett Projects Pte Ltd is aimed to provide the best to our clients. Aiming to provide the best in service and quality.

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