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Living: The most common way to define a room is with a divider. A divider not only clearly defines the space of a room, it also gives the necessary privacy to homeowners. Using a combination of shoe cabinet, settee and a metal divider, a room divider is customized with an industrial feel. 
But if there are 3 areas in 1 space, divider alone is not an elegant solution!! In this project, a combination of divider and false ceiling is used to clearly define a foyer, dining room and living room.

Dining: The current “In-thing” –Craftstones!!! The absolutely required component for a Scandinavian design!!! A plain wall of craftstone is a nice design but in-cooperating carpentry to give it a more exquisite feel makes it a brilliant design!!!

Bedroom: A simple TV feature wall combining rustic and industrial feel.

Children Bedroom: Lighting plays a big part in providing ambience to a room. A ‘tick’ false ceiling design with cove lightings at angular directions gives the room a soft and floating feel. Coupled with an airplane light design and a cloud feature wall using wallpaper, the room is made ready for a future pilot !!

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From the time of conception Sennett Projects Pte Ltd has always value bring the best quality and design to our clients. Meeting our clients every needs, drawing from years of experiences from the private construction sector, more then 20 years in the renovation industries and 10 year in contemporary design. For years our team had trained numerous Sales Designer for other I.D. firms, now bring to Sennett Projects Pte Ltd the training module that had help others to build a strong team, Sennett Projects Pte Ltd is aimed to provide the best to our clients. Aiming to provide the best in service and quality.

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