4-Room Apartment - Bedok South Road

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Project Description

Theme: Scandi-industrial

Classic scandinavian theme with a touch of industrial feel. Instead of the conventional square electrical casings, black conduit pipings were displayed boldly on the ceilings, creating a stark contrast of black and white.

Blue is introduced to neutralise the warm and cosy atmosphere of the entire place, instead of the usual grey hues that you can find in Scandinavian houses. Adding on with a piece of playful feature tiled wall and LED lightings, this brightens up the entire dining area, instead of using a 1-pieced or 3-pieced pendant light.

Bifold windows are introduced to have the flexibility to open and close, as and when you want it.

Instead of hiding LED lights in the wardrobe, this instantly lights up the wardrobe and the bedroom at the same time.


Testimonial from owners:

Dearest Jaslynn,
Thank you so much for making the experience of creating our first home an enjoyable one! You took our dream, bounced inspiring ideas with us, injected sound advice, and made it come true! Most people overlook the importance of an interior designer's project management skills and have to pay a hefty price... Thankfully, we didn't have to learn this lesson with you! It is now 6 months in, and we are extremely pleased to say we are enjoying our home as much as the day we moved in.
We look forward to building our next home with you!
- Marcus & Pauline

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Moving forward from carpentry with more than two decades of experience to an Interior Design Studio, Metier Planner Pte Ltd. We are a boutique set up, covering all areas of Interior Design.

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