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Industrial Retro Vintage

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Project Description

We were looking for new home, we saw this place loved the size of it, loved the outdoor space but it did need a lot of work doing to it. We did an online research and we found a few interior designers and we felt that out all of them Meter Square was the best. They showed us some designs and some photos and they talked to us about what are their visions and we actually love it. After the discussion of the design part, Meter Square make a trip to visit our house and start the planning. The design concept we were looking for was industrial and retro, we love the brick walls it reminds us of the time in the UK and some of the old properties that we’ve stayed in. My favourite piece is the Kitchen. I really really like the Kitchen and i wouldn’t change anything there. the second favourite piece is probably the living area, opening up through the garden. It’s just a great place to chill out on the weekend so we open the door it feels like our house in Australia. It’s also really breezy. That’s the thing we’ve been really surprised we were used to living in places where you have the air cond on all the time. Here, we don’t have the air con on at all downstairs.You get a really nice breeze through and it’s great. When we were doing the bathrooms, we found that a little bit hard..just trying to figure out exactly what it was that we wanted and we had different visions and change our minds a few times but May came in to sort of help us..set the direction. One of my requirements in the Master bedroom is to have a walk-in wardrobe and i have a vision in mind so when i spoke to May, she showed me some design concepts which i loved and then during the renovation process, we wanted to have a full glass door in the walk in wardrobe and we thought that technically we can’t make it. At the end of the day we actually managed to customise the full height of the sliding door to actually match mine vision. Our recommendations for other homeowners, i think would be take some time upfront, go thought the magazines cut the articles and picture that you like put it all together, listen to your interior designer and trust your interior designer. We highly recommend Meter Square, it was great working with them and they were very open to our ideas and to our vision. We faced some issues but they were able to manage to solve the problems really well and they go way beyond our requests. It was great working with May & Lvin! Thanks to Meter Square’s teams!

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