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We had a very delightful experience with Meter Square with their interior design and construction service rendered to the retrofitting of our house at Hillview that without any thoughts, it was just natural we engage them for the same when my parents’ house needs to be renovated.


We continued to engage the expertise of Mint Ng. This time the theme spelt out to her to adopt for design was simplicity, contemporary, practical, friendly and safe for the elderly. As usual, several options were presented for selection, each was characteristically creative and distinctive. She continued to demonstrate her ideas though use of 3-Dimensional rendering which served very handily for the older generation to visualise. She assisted very much to coordinate and ensure the selected features and fixtures within the house are easy to handle and not pose safety risks to the elderly. Mint proved herself to be capable and knowledgeable through producing of bespoke design that befittingly addresses the needs of different environments.


During construction Mint was ever diligent and committed to keeping a close supervision of the progress on site. She would regularly send updates to notify the status of the development. Her persistence is exemplary and key to ensuring projects can be timely completed.


At the end, Meter Square delivered a design that was wondrously elegant and exquisite that bagged much positive and affectionate accolades from both young and old. We will continue to testify on the proficiency and skilfulness of Meter Square and recommend them to anyone who is contemplating a makeover to their home.

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