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Dear Meter Square Team : Waited patiently for the Downtown MRT Line at Hillview to be completed before embarking into our renovation journey. This was to avoid cracks and other unforeseen defects if it was done prior to the completion of the MRT construction. With the MRT headache aside, we were embroiled into a different headache. With so many Interior Design & Renovation firms, which one should we engage and what theme to pursue? We happened to chance upon my sister-in-law renovating her place and got the opportunity to review the price as well as the finished product. Their overall finishing and design was fine and gave us ideas for our place. We arranged a consultation meeting with them to discuss the overall theme. It was a pleasant meeting as they presented us ideas based on our desired theme. In addition, it enlightened us with the latest market trend. Based on the initial meeting, we signed on the dotted line. To help us visualise their design, they have provided us the 3-D design of what the end goal looks like. The 3-D design aided our decision and the overall design was done and dusted quickly. They also assisted us in the selection of the tiles, bathroom & kitchen accessories and make good constructive suggestions. As they are a one stop shop, it helped and eased the coordination burden of changing the air-con, electrical rewiring, fibre point relocation, etc. After ~ 2 months of patient waiting, we finally moved in prior to the Chinese New Year. The result was fabulous and we love the new design theme. During the Chinese New Year gathering, our siblings were amazed at the overall makeover and gave their thumbs up. Finally, we can say “Home Sweet Home”. Thanks to Meter Square Team, especially our ID May Chang and Mint !!

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