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It had been almost 10 years since we carried out a major house renovation. Things in the house were in need of a major renewal as many items continued to deteriorate into a state of disrepair, for example the waterproofing in the wet areas was giving way and we had to arrange piecemeal servicing to grout leakages through the slab for our neighbour below. Rather than expending on short term remedials, we decided it was timely to invest on a more lasting and durable form of overhaul.

Incidentally, it came to our awareness that our neighbour had just completed renovation of their house under the management of Meter Square. Through such a sheer coincidence, we decided to give Meter Square a try to design and renovate our house. Of course, prior to making that decision, we reviewed the product that was delivered to my neighbour by Meter Square. We must commend that the quality of work as manifested was impressive and without further doubt, we sealed our decision to appoint them as our designer cum contractor.

We began a series of in depth consultations with Mint Ng, our designer. This was carried out regularly on Sundays as it was our only day available outside our work regime. Right from the start, Mint has been accommodating to our schedule. She would not hesitate to set aside her weekends to meet us and discuss the details of the renovation. She is experienced and resourceful and is always teeming with various concepts and ideas for us to consider. She is attentive to our needs and requirements and as such, solutions that were dispensed were undeniably practical and appropriate. She does not unnecessarily hasten us on our decision making but is fair in offering us more than enough time to deliberate. Mint is also patient and would often guide us through to rationalise the pros and cons among different options as we attempt to make selections. Mint is well versed on technicalities and her proposals and products offered advised well on meeting functional requirements and concurrently seek to establish a balance between quality and cost effectiveness yet without compromising on opulence.  

To help us conceptualise and visualise the outcome of the designs, Meter Square presented 3D renderings to us, and improvements could be made based on the renderings. Mint is delicate when helping us to choose among different finishing, accessories and furnishings especially for the bathrooms and kitchen. As we progressed to finalise the construction details, Mint together with her carpenter, were very meticulous and immaculate in their consideration and selection of materials. When detailing shop drawings, they were particularly accurate which is a requisite to ensure mistakes on the site are minimised. They are also credited for being patient when we need more time to evaluate options and make certain choices. It was inevitable that sometimes we changed designs after Mint and her team had developed the ideas to fruition. For as long as works on site have still not commenced, Mint always commit to her obligations readily to facilitate the change.

As our renovation was substantial and involving a lot of reflooring works, we had to move out of the house to enable the contractors to work uninhibitedly. Naturally, a program had to be instituted to ensure all parties were fully aware of their responsibilities and observance to complete within the stipulated time. Mint has exuded a lot of professionalism in her management of the construction process. When required, she would closely monitor the progress on site and was relentless if she had to exert pressure on the contractors to ensure continual progress. There was a time during construction where we detected upon forming of the timber frame that size of the study table was too small. We requested for a change to be carried out immediately. Mint and her carpenter, without any hesitation, proceeded to engineer a remedial to effect the fulfilment of a practicable solution to meet our needs. That willingness to change amidst our constant impression on the team to accelerate the construction was commendable. The team was diligent in their delivery and completed the works to meet the time of handover in two-and-a-half months.

Meter Square also maintained an excellent and reliable after-sales service. During the Defects Liability Period, Mint was dependable and always respond promptly to calls to attend to defects or any malfunction of the installation. Any minor issues emanating from deficient workmanship were never refuted or disputed whereby her contractors would unquestionably return responsibly to rectify them. We were constantly assured of trustworthiness; the respect and significance Meter Square ascribes to their clients was undeniably apparent.

Overall, we reiterate the service and output by Meter Square are indeed laudable. We are very pleased with the outcome of the renovation and appreciate Mint and her team from Meter Square for transforming and modernizing the house to yield a very distinctive feel and as such, this testimony is written to hail their professionalism and efforts.

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