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Minimalist Scandinavian

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Punggol Way








TESTIMONIAL 2013 to 2015:


Being first time homeowners, we needed to engage a ID firm with a wealth of experience, that was reliable and had a good reputation. Meter Square was shortlisted as one of our preferred ID after doing lots of research visiting shows, browsing magazines and websites for about 2 to 3 years. We were drawn to their portfolio that showcased projects that placed consistent emphasis on clean and simple designs with an edge. An open house visit to one of their completed homes sealed the deal. We were impressed with the workmanship, execution, lighting and style of the home. "Do you think you can live in somewhere like this?" We looked at each other, smiled and nodded. Early 2016:




Despite a few trips down to Hafary by ourselves, we could not agree or decide on the floor tiles. There were so many choices. Headache.. Fast forward to tile selection day with May from Meter Square... "Hmm, one way is to try placing the tile on the floor. The color will look different." She goes on to demonstrate by placing one of the tiles on the floor. "See. It looks different on the floor versus from placing it on the wall or looking at it from your hand." A few simple words of advice from May, our designer, opened our eyes. With her help and her eye for detail, we managed to narrow down a few options and find the right tiles together within 30 minutes at the store. Late 2016:




We've just moved in about a week ago. And we're very happy with the end result of our little nest. Looking back, if we had to pick a bone, it'll have to be that sometimes renovation works carried on a little after 6pm which affected our neighbours that have moved in earlier. Summary of What We Liked About Working With Meter Square: 1. Strong Aesthetics and Art Direction 2. Clear Communication via Regular Updates on Whatsapp 3. Fast Renovation Delivery & Responsive Rectification When Needed 4. Good Practical Advice 5. Collaborative and Open To Discussion and Ideas 6. Strong Teamwork from Carpenters to Electricians that seemed to have worked together countless times 7. Trustworthy A big thanks to the great team at Meter Square that helped to make our first home a comfortable place to come back to! THANK YOU!


Warm Regards, Raymond & Ivy



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