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Industrial Modern

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Project Description

Looking into the requirements for a scandinavian with essence of slight industrial elements.

By expanding the kitchen area yet not losing out on the entrance space available, by cement screeding the walls and use stainless steel as backing instead of the usual glass backing to create a scandinavian industrial feel and mixing light flooring with dark wood grain to bring out the cozy element.

Always wanted a large bathroom, we combine two bathroom into one, creating the area of a wet and dry area with the focus on the dry area which uses subway tiles and american walnut to blend in with the industrial theme.

Finally a simple and sleek scandinavian industrial mix theme for this spacious executive mansionette.

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MET Interior is an interior design firm specialising in design and renovation for residential and commercial projects with the main focus of customizing homes to preference with various concepts.

At Met Interior, we strongly believe that there are many ways of conceptualising and beautifying and interior. And through listening and being open to our clients’ ideas and lifestyle, we aim to design spaces for every clients’ needs.

Met Interior aims to craft and customize unique spaces for all kinds of needs and wants. Because after all, with such high property prices in singapore, we value you space as much as you do


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