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HDB 3 Room
Project Description

Work space designed in living room area that satisy both work and living needs. Space divided by half height glass frame to visualize the space of living room while conserve the privacy needs of working place. Wooden dining table warm up the feeling of home on top of the modernize settings. Kitchen using grey tone to maximize the comfort ambience yet modernize the design while bedroom using natural tone to create the relax environment.

about this designer: Luxurious Design Pte Ltd

Luxurious Design Pte Ltd is a young and rising design firm based in the northern part of Singapore. Our practice produces high quality and innovative solutions through the synthesis of interior design and project management. The team from Luxurious Design includes interior designers, graphic artists and carpenters whom all share a common passion for design.

At Luxurious Design, we operate on the methodology of a discreet and personal service. This is coherent with the multidisciplinary structure of the company as our approach is flexible and patient to the changing needs of different clients.

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