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about this designer: Le Bleu Art
Le Bleu Art specialises in interior design, renovation works, furnishing consultancy & styling for residential & commercial
developments. We work in hand with our clients by accommodating their different lifestyles & living habits in order to
create the perfect interior landscape as well as to achieve the perfect outcome. We cater to a wide range of clientele with
very different needs from creative designing to soft furnishing, providing clients with exquisite customised accent pieces.

We pride ourselves by offering efficient and effective problem-solving solution and paying attention to details with quality
materials. Unlike traditional interior design firms, we seek to synergise the entire interior design process by representing
our clients in handling both design & furnishing elements in order to create the “wow” factor - an exciting masterpiece which
will gain admiration.

Le Bleu Art consist of a close-knitted team of vibrant individuals who aim to meet your requirements using quality materials
that are effective and of reasonable cost to suit your budget. Our interior designers are chosen based on their experience,
and more importantly, their sense of responsibility. This is our personal belief and commitment towards our valued customers,
as a responsive and dedicated system is our base towards creating an excellent home renovation process.

In order to ensure deliverance of quality outcomes, our interior designers are limited to only two projects a month. This is to
ensure full attention to project details & to the home owner, as well as to deliver a quality finishing. We are passionate about
personalisation, and do not believe in a “one size fit all” renovation package as every home owner’s budget & requirements
are different.

Le Bleu Art strongly believes in providing a healthy & balanced mindset for our interior designers. Our company seeks our
client’s kind understanding that our interior designers will take one rest day a week for them to recharge from a hectic (the
renovation & interior design industry is extremely fast paced!) week. With some personal space, our interior designers are
able to achieve some work life balance as well as to develope their creativity.
A Happy Designer = Happy Home Owner