HDB 5-room - Compassvale Drive

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HDB 5 Room
Project Description

Renovating a new 5-room BTO flat for a young couple. The design is a modern contemporary style which is kid-friendly. We carved out an area for a study room and created a walk-in wardrobe for the savvy couple.

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Plumbing Plumbing
Electrical Wiring Electrical Wiring
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Flooring Flooring
False Ceiling False Ceiling
about this designer: Interiio Pte Ltd

In the interior design and renovation industry, there’s a severe lack of technology use. The world has progressed so much in technology, but renovation project management remained largely pen-and-paper.

At Interiio, we develop our own applications to streamline all the processes in your renovation journey. We strive to increase the transparency of information available to our clients through education and technology.

We believe in: 

- A better space is a better life. 

We spend a large proportion of our time living and working in our homes and workplaces. But we often neglect these spaces and don't spend enough time and effort to enhance them. We believe that a well-designed space, when built with quality, will have a lasting impact on our daily lives.

- Good design is more than looking nice.

Humans are visual creatures, and we are naturally attracted to beautiful things and images. But design goes way beyond just the aesthetics. Good design should tell a unique story about the people using the space. Good design should utilize space efficiently and ergonomically. Good design should balance the aesthetic to the practicality. These are just a few of the many aspects we look at when designing and renovating a space.


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