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This amazing 2 bedroom condominium apartment is an engineer’s delight. Many brilliantly designed hidden contraptions transform spaces for multi-purposes . A laptop table hidden in a nook beside the cushioned settee, can be unfolded for work. The coffee table can be raised to function as a dining table. Innovative layout of shelving and display cabinets proudly exhibit trophies, mementos and action figures throughout the home. The suspended bed in the common bedroom provide access to existing storage in the wooden floors and a spectacular window panorama. The study desk can be extended to increase work space and the living room television can be viewed through the glass window while working. Clever master bedroom design sandwich the queen bed between the walk-in wardrobe and window settee for extra cosiness. Bright splashes of blue and beautiful cove light designs brings refreshing vibrancy.

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about this designer: Interior Diary Private Limited

We are a group of home maker that has being around for many years. Serving in big and small I.D Firm before have made us realized that most company is unable to put themselves in the owner shoes. What they are balancing are only costing and how much time spent so they can move on to the next one. There are times when we feel that "Thats not the way a HOME is built."

With this in mind, we decided to come together to start up a place where we design and build a HOME according to each unique family.
Together with a group of contractors whom we trust, we will transform HOUSE into HOME. Renovation is never a easy task, home owner
are also under stressed. Our motto is to make the  JOURNEY TO YOUR DREAM HOMEas smooth as possible.

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