843 Tampines Street 83 #08-148

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8 / 10
HDB 4 Room
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Spacious & Bright, here's an example of a successfully designed contemporary home. Consistently coloured and fitted throughout, its choice of streamlined furniture in neutral undertones have worked well in brightening the home's existing interior - neatly flushed to either side for even more legroom for its residents to comfortably relax in and enjoy.

about this designer: EightySeven Studio Pte Ltd

EIGHTYSEVEN STUDIO PTE LTD® - Previously known as "8DBuild" - has more than 16 years experience in interior design and renovation for residential and commercial projects. Our team of designers has dabbled in a slew of various styles over the years and we have honed ourselves to be master of versatility in terms of aesthetics and also in terms of functionality. Our project and design teams are able to manage different types of projects throughout the years, completed a various major corporate and residential projects, and we recognise the skill-sets needed for managing all projects and have meticulously trained our team personnel. In addition, with our in-house carpentry factory, we are able to control the quality and the workmanship of the finest finishing.

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