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  • Condominium
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Contemporary Modern

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... Paint

... Carpentry

... Featurewall

... Electrical

... Flooring

... Ceiling

... Plumbing

Project Description

The yellow tones and neutral finishing come together to create a vibrant space. Ambient lighting fixtures frame the walls for a more lit-up look, and floor-to-ceiling drapery curtains are installed for a dramatic flair.

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Founded in 2011, DreamCreations is a one-stop interior design firm consisting of a team of caffeine-induced, creatively-driven, fun-loving designers and consultants.

Though young, we have a collective experience of more then 30 years. Turbocharged with passion and integrity, we are ready to engage you in an out-of-the-box experience.

Here at DreamCreations, we are not designing your home; we are Creating Your Dream.


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