Tree House 66 Chestnut Ave

Reviews ( 13 ) :
9.5 / 10
Project Description
When decorating this unit, the home owners sought to apply their own personal style, which veers naturally toward minimalism. They got some help our 96 designers, in paring down the furnishings to absolute essentials, as well as in creating some space-savvy furniture arrangements.
Carpentry Carpentry
Feature Wall Feature Wall
Plumbing Plumbing
Electrical Wiring Electrical Wiring
Flooring Flooring
False Ceiling False Ceiling
about this designer: 96 Degree Designers

96 Degree designers is a company that specializes in furnishings, equipment and comprehensive reform of interior spaces. We are dedicated to finding ideal solutions for your housing renovation needs. Rely on our advice for material selection and design proposals. Our team is comprised of a group of professional designers, architects and interior designers committed to help you select the right design for you and your space that fits your functional needs, style and, of course, that is feasible within your budget. We possess extensive experience in the design and decoration of residential, office and corporate areas. Our experience spans successful home remodeling projects, commercial buildings and hotels throughout the country, enjoying the recognition of our work among the top national design circles.