INZ Residence (EZ Condo)

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Project Description

Client: Ivan and Nicole

Project Type: Residence renovation @ 5-Bedroom Maisonette

Project Status: Completed

Project Location: Choa Chu Kang, Singapore

Scope of Works: Design work/ Construction detail drafting work/ Site coordination work/ FF&E work/ Carpentry work/ Metal work/ Hacking & Demolition/ New floor tiles/ Electrical work/ Lighting design and fabrication / New drop ceiling/ Gypsum board partition and box-up/ Painting/ Wallpaper/ Roller blinds

Design Theme: Hollywood Glam Style

Carpentry Carpentry
Feature Wall Feature Wall
Air-con Air-con
Plumbing Plumbing
Electrical Wiring Electrical Wiring
Tiling Tiling
Hacking Walls Hacking Walls
Flooring Flooring
Wallpaper Wallpaper
False Ceiling False Ceiling
about this designer: 3+i DESIGN STUDIO

In 3+i, we believe design exists in everywhere. As designers, our duty is to discover the inspiration from daily lifestyle and export them as concept to create the space with both practical and aesthetic function. With our experienced and professional skill, we craft and convert the design to reality together with our clients. In response to users’ need, we constantly innovate by defining the space with a diverse range of style that offers different perspectives and exciting approaches.Design can change the world. Through flexible and ingenious space design, it imperceptibly influences diversified physical and mental feelings of the users. Creating a beautiful environment for them, thus sublimating the quality of life.

在3+i, 我们相信设计无所不在。我们的设计团队把发掘生活中的细节作为设计的出发点去打造一个实用美观兼具的空间视为我们的责任。以我们的经验和专业引领我们的用户一起把概念化为现实。我们不断创新,应需求赋予空间不同风格,为用户提供不同的视角和体验。我们致力于用设计改善环境。通过灵活巧妙的设计空间,营造多元化的身心感受。为用户创造更美满的环境, 从而升华生活品质。

INNOVATION - 3+i enjoy the challenges in design process. We tend to seek for the innovation from the consideration of both aesthetics and practical application.

IMAGINATION - 3+i is committed to develop green design in our projects. It is our mission to create design that suited to sustainable implement of future image.

INTERACTION - It is our obligation to coordinate with our clients for different budgets and ideas through the communication.

创新 - 3+i 致力于在设计的构思中不断挑战。在美感和实际运用之间拿捏创新去营造属于我们用户独一无二的空间。

想像 - 3+i 致力于在我们的项目中发展绿色设计。 我们的使命是营造符合未来想象中可持续发展实施的设计。

交流 - 透过交流和不怠的讨论,配合不同用户的预算和想法打造迎合条件和理想的空间是我们的义务。

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