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How To Design Your Kitchen To Complement Your Culinary Tastes

23 Feb 2018

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When considering kitchen design, we normally don’t put too much thought into it. After all, doesn’t it just boil down to having a decent amount of space and the right cooking equipment? Wrong. With home cooks in Singapore gaining online recognition, it’s becoming increasingly important to have a refined kitchen aesthetic that perfectly suits your personalised cooking style and preferences. This approach means going beyond buying a microwave because you like making popcorn–it involves considering colours, layout, patterns and overall themes to create your signature culinary space. Puzzled about how to begin? Ask yourself the following simple questions:

Do you cook light or heavy?

HDB 4 Room Resale – Bishan by The Local Inn.terior

If you’re the type to cook up homemade pizza and bake intricate desserts, you’re probably geared towards heavy-duty cooking equipment like ovens and deep fryers. In this case, it’s best to keep your kitchens closed off from the rest of your home to avoid contaminating your entire space with smoke and odours. Conversely, those who are into light meals that require little time or energy, it’s worth considering an open concept kitchen, just like the one designed by The Local Inn.terior. This approach is not only a great way to integrate your kitchen seamlessly with the rest of your interior design, but also allows you to show off your culinary chops to guests!

What’s your preferred dining ambience?

Pinevale Tampines by Darwin Interior

Beyond the actual dishes you cook, it’s also important to note the kind of ambience that best matches your type of cuisine. If you constantly crave Spanish tapas or enjoy a sumptuous plate of wagyu rib-eye steak, then your cooking and dining experience would be enhanced with an equally classy and sophisticated kitchen design. Consider installing features that complement your dishes, such as a wine glass rack and a mini-bar counter to satisfy your refined palette. Ashton from Darwin Interior recommends that homeowners purchase a wine glass holder made from stainless steel, but “for added sophistication, homeowners can opt for a customised carpentry wine rack” instead.

What kinds of ingredients do you normally use?

9 Goldhill View by Palmwood Pte Ltd

To really capture a kitchen aesthetic that matches your dietary habits, you need to keep in mind the materials used for your space. If you’re on board the increasingly popular organic-and-clean train, then you should consider incorporating a Scandinavian theme for your kitchen, complete with unprocessed wood and natural lighting. If you eat clean, it makes sense to cook clean as well. On the other hand, people who aren’t afraid to experiment with processed foods and edgy new flavours would better appreciate a modern aesthetic, which makes use of sleek plastic furnishing and eye-popping metalwork.

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Are you drawn to a particular culture’s cuisine?

Blk 305A Punggol Road by Renozone Interior Design House

This one is a no-brainer: in the same way that a Chinese dining spot is styled with oriental decor and furniture, your kitchen should likewise be designed in line with the dishes you love most. In this design, the homeowners wanted to go with an overall Balinese resort theme, and the kitchen was no exception. Colin from Renozone Interior Design House says, “to get the tropical resort look that the owners wanted, we used dark cherry wood for the kitchen and warm white lights.” By matching the cultural inspiration for your food with your cooking space, you can achieve a cohesive overall package worthy of high-end restaurant-level recognition.

Do you like simple or elaborate dishes?

HDB 4 Room – 250 Bishan by DB Studio Pte Ltd

Last but not least, the complexity of your kitchen space should correspond with the complexity of your food. For those who appreciate simple, easy-to-make dishes that don’t entail much work, a sleek, minimalist kitchen design is the perfect fit. According to Linda from DB Studio, “the good thing about a minimalist kitchen is it’s spacious, clean, bright, airy and low in maintenance. It is most suitable for homeowners who won’t be doing much cooking and prefer to keep their kitchen, as much as possible, clutter-free.” As for the homebound chefs who invest time in food presentation and formulating intricate flavours, feel free to spice up your kitchen space with a more original and flashy interior.

When it comes down to it, the kitchen isn’t just a pragmatic functional space for cooking. It is an outlet that provides another way for you to express yourself and is just as important as any other room in your home. Keep these questions in mind, and you’ll be able to craft a cooking environment perfectly tailored to your tastes–literally.

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