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3 Key Reasons Why You Should Make Aircon Servicing a Routine

14 Feb 2023

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Air-conditioner is a common appliance in a Singapore household – almost 80 per cent of Singapore households own air-conditioners, according to the Department of Statistics. While air-conditioning can be enjoyed with the easy press of a button, air-conditioner failure can become an agonizing problem.

Newway professional cleaning an air conditioner

Here are 3 key reasons why you should make aircon servicing a routine:


  1. Reduce Major Aircon Breakdowns & Save Cost in the Long Run
    By getting your aircon units serviced regularly, you can prevent small issues that may eventually lead to malfunction or a major breakdown. Should major repair be required due to poor maintenance – think expensive replacement parts and major overhaul – the repair fees will be much higher than regular servicing.


  1. Ensure Efficiency of Your Aircon Performance & Lower Electricity Bill
    Clogged, dirty aircon filters reduce the amount of airflow and significantly reduce a system’s efficiency while consuming more power to operate. With regular maintenance, you can reduce your unit’s need to work harder and lower your electricity bill.


  1. Better Indoor Air Quality & Save the Earth
    Besides cooling your home, the air-conditioners also play a role in helping to keep air circulating in your home clean and healthy. A dirty unit breeds mould, bacteria, and germs – when switched on, it contaminates the air with harmful particles that may expose you and your family to a variety of respiratory infection and trigger asthma attacks. Last but not least, we all have a responsibility to protect the earth. When your air-conditioner faces problem such as refrigerant leakage, it will release hydrofluorocarbons, or man-made greenhouse gases – these harmful gases promote global warming.


Save yourself from the heat and frustration of aircon breakdown. Just remember, regular aircon servicing allows you to enjoy continual flow of quiet, cool air and extended lifespan of the unit. A unit without regular maintenance can cost you much more on monthly electricity bills and high repair fees.

If you are looking for an expert in air-conditioner servicing and maintenance works, reach out to Newway. The team is competent in providing general to major servicing, chemical overhaul, condenser servicing, troubleshooting, as well as indoor air quality testing.

Established in 1987, Newway is a Singapore company that is BCA and NEA registered. Besides providing reliable residential air conditioning solutions, Newway has won several industry accolades and its portfolio includes big brands across different sectors, such as Audi, Changi Airport Group, Gleneagles, Honeywell, Keppel Land, Marina Bay Sands, SPH and more.

Start a routine servicing and maintenance package with Newway today, contact +65-6481-0111 or Learn more about Newway services on

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Read below to find out what customers are saying about their experiences with Newway.

Lorraine Ho, a Lorong Ah Soo resident:
“I just want to commend your installation supervisor and his team. Kudos to them for carrying out their work diligently and professionally although they have to work really late through the evening. It was unfortunate that the installation and testing had taken a longer than expected time but I appreciate the hard work that they put in.

 The supervisor, in particular, was patient in answering my queries. Although it was late at night, he did not just go off after installation. He was testing the air con system to ensure that they are working well as it should be. I am glad that I chose Newway for the installation job. Many thanks for the great job done!”

Eric Vidallon, an East Coast Road resident:
“I am very impressed by the way your company and personnel handle the customer. The two gentlemen who went to our home last Saturday were very professional. They performed their job without any complains and no time was wasted. I am so pleased to smell and see how clean our air-con unit afterwards that I forgot to asked their names. My girlfriend said that the air-con looks whiter and cleaner than before.

Anyways, thank you for everything and I am glad I tried your service. I will be recommending your services to my friends and colleagues. Actually, it should be highly recommended.”

Patrick Ng, a Lorong Sarhad resident:
“I wanted to let the managers know that the installation was completed last week, and that we are very pleased the aircon units are all functioning well. I was impressed by how careful the team was with cleanliness during and after install, and I thought the re-painting of the sections of wall and ceiling that were worked on, was a nice touch.

 I especially wanted to highlight the high standard of service and professionalism demonstrated by your technical supervisor. He personally supervised and demonstrated to his technicians how each part of the install was to be done. The supervisor then took the trouble to show my wife and I around each newly installed unit, and demonstrated and explained the remote-control functions. After the numerous problems working with our previous aircon servicing company, I found Newway a refreshing experience, and I look forward to continuing to work with your company.”

Check out more Newway’s customer testimonials here.

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