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Designer Insights: What's The Upcoming Trends In Interior Design?

12 Jun 2024

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We spoke to five designers from HomeRenoGuru’s Top ID firms panel to gain insights into the upcoming trends in the interior design industry. Each designer shared their unique vision and predictions for the future of interior design, offering valuable insights into emerging styles, materials, and technologies. Whether you are planning a complete home makeover or just looking for fresh ideas, their expert perspectives will help you stay ahead of the curve.

By understanding these anticipated trends, you can make informed decisions and seamlessly incorporate these innovative concepts into your new home, ensuring it is both stylish and forward-thinking.

💬 Let’s dive into their thoughts:

1. “We believe the upcoming trends in the interior design industry will focus on creating distinctive, functional, and aesthetically pleasing spaces by incorporating vibrant colors, bold patterns, and unconventional combinations. Our approach aims to infuse personality and energy into clients’ environments, enhanced by innovative smart home features such as advanced lighting solutions. Additionally, our commitment to using sustainable materials and energy-efficient products aligns with the growing trend towards eco-friendly practices in Singapore, reflecting a broader shift towards environmental consciousness and responsible design choices.”

🔗Grace & Shermain – Interior Artist
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2. “I believe that minimalism will continue to shape the future of interior design, celebrated for its timeless elegance and functional simplicity. This style transforms spaces into serene, uncluttered havens suited for modern urban life. Minimalism is evolving to include sustainable materials, smart home technology, and natural textures, adding warmth and character. This design philosophy prioritizes essentials while focusing on mental well-being and environmental responsibility. With personalized solutions and innovative features, minimalism continues to meet the changing needs and tastes of individuals, creating both beautiful and practical spaces.”

🔗Marcus Ng – Interior Times
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3. “I foresee a trend in the interior design industry focused on sustainability and eco-consciousness. With growing environmental awareness, there is a rising emphasis on using sustainable materials in renovations. Homeowners are seeking energy-efficient solutions to maximize natural light and reduce reliance on indoor lighting. Additionally, incorporating plants for their cooling effects is becoming popular, promoting healthier and more eco-friendly living environments. Hence, I believe this trend reflects a broader societal shift towards sustainability and highlights the importance of environmentally conscious design choices in shaping future interiors.”

🔗Jia Yi – U-Home Interior Design
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4. “The upcoming trend in the interior design industry revolves around the harmonious fusion of Timeless Cream and Scandinavian style. Timeless Cream, with its soft and versatile shades, provides a warm and neutral palette that exudes sophistication and elegance. This timeless hue dominates interiors, creating a sense of enduring beauty. Complementing this, the Scandinavian style is renowned for its simplicity, clean lines, and use of natural materials, resulting in serene and functional living spaces. The combination of Timeless Cream and Scandinavian style not only offers a timeless aesthetic but also promotes a sense of calm and tranquillity in modern interiors. This blend caters to homeowners’ desire for enduring beauty and comfort, making it a highly sought-after trend in the interior design industry.”

🔗Reid So – Design 4 Space
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5. “I predict a trend in interior design centred on the widespread adoption of smart home technology, driven by its growing convenience and connectivity. I foresee nearly every home incorporating smart technology, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality in the house. This integration will create sleek, modern living environments, automate everyday tasks, and improve energy efficiency, aligning with the push for sustainable living. Therefore, this trend will revolutionize interior design, merging cutting-edge technology with stylish, practical solutions.”

🔗Jonathan Chong – Defour Home Studios
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