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It’s been exactly a month since the completion and handover of the renovation of our new penthouse done by Meter Square, and we are more than pleased to give them a BIG thumbs up for everything that May, Mint and the entire team has done for us. They have demonstrated their ability to not only design but project manage responsibly and deliver to expectations.We had selected Meter Square after spending over a year sourcing through various ID companies as well as speaking directly to selected contractors.  Meter Square was the last ID company that we met up with in early 2017 and we were comfortable enough after speaking to May and Mint on the very first meeting, that we signed up with them immediately after. Uppermost in our mind, and one of the most important factors in our selection criteria, was that we wanted to work with people who are not only passionate in what they do but at the same time, demonstrate a willingness to truly listen and be open and flexible to ideas from our end. For a project of this scale to succeed, we knew it had to be a collaborative effort from both ends.So to test this with various IDs that we met up with, we mentioned the possibility of bringing over our existing Oriental furniture to be incorporated into the design to see who would be most willing to take on this idea seriously.  And after our meeting with May and Mint, we knew that they would be the right company to help us design and deliver our vision. (*We ditched this idea of incorporating existing furniture soon after )The renovation progressed very well, and as new ideas and opportunities presented themselves, we were so comfortable with the work done by the team that we were more than willing to bring forward additional scope of work that was originally meant to be done at a later phase.  Meter Square took on this challenge without complaint and seamlessly incorporated the additions into their schedule without any hesitation.Throughout our interactions with Meter Square, we had been consistently impressed with May’s design experience and in particular her discipline and meticulous documentation approach. She believes that good and proper documentation serves as an important communication tool so that there are no misunderstandings between all parties. Given the scope of our renovation, we believe this to be one of the critical success factors.We were also very happy with Mint’s follow through of the actual renovation works and her interactions with her team and sub-contractors. She kept the project on schedule and ensured that all works were delivered according to plan. She was highly responsive and even made several excellent design suggestions that we were most happy to incorporate.Special mention should also go to Ah A, the carpentry lead, who is a joy to work with - always smiling and truly dedicated in his work. He has brought forth many invaluable ideas and we are really appreciative of the work done by him and his team.In all, our renovation project was completed within three months, hassle free and to our satisfaction. We were really glad we had chosen Meter Square - they maintained their willingness to listen throughout the entire project, and proved themselves to be reliable and dependable. They showed flexibility when the need arose, and in our opinion, they delivered very well on a project that was not run of the mill. We would without hesitation return to them for our future projects and we would confidently recommend them to anyone. 




Thank you May! Thank you Mint!  And please send our thanks and regards to the entire team that was involved in our project. Wishing you success in all that you do and may you keep the design passion burning in you.

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