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  • HDB 4 Room
  • $32,000

Contemporary Minimalist Modern

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... Paint

... Carpentry

... Featurewall

... Electrical

... Flooring

... Ceiling

... Plumbing

Project Description

Modern & resort design for 4 room bto. My referral recommended all his Friends and family to me to do & to complete the house renovation. And I have not let any of his friends or family members down that he referred to me. I don't feel stress as it was a Everyday job for me and no matter how fussy, bad or good, my dream is to make their nest into reality and bring on smiles and praise to everyone . How is the theme I be done. Overall I must make they love their design concept . It's not easy but with more effort that u put in, u will see fruits.

Design by Benson Lo ,
BeNzdeSigN interior

About Benz Design Interior

Review: 9/10 (7)

beNzdeSigN Interior consists of a group of trained, disciplined and extremely experienced professional that seeks to provide a comprehensive range of innovative services to all our homeowners. All of our staff possess more than 5 years of experience in their respective areas of expertise, armed with extensive knowledge, forte in providing stylish, functional aesthetic and cost-effective concepts, and thus able to create a unique and innovative value to all our homeowners in all aspects of renovation works. Our IDs are driven by a sheer of passion for interior designs. They possess innovative & creative ideas that will definitely create a New Lifestyle Ritual for your home. With their individualised skill and knowledge, we are confident to create expansive spaces with group of colours in variety of textures contrasts & sotf finishing elegant materials that matches each individual homeowners' need. The design is portrayed to come with simplicity, purity & supreme comfort that come along with the Ying & Yang atmosphere which we are able to assure you with an image of your EXCLUSIVE & LUXURY style, likewise, it is deem a tailor-made theme/ concept for each individual homeowner.


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